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July 12, 2017

Forums Unlocked

From now on all news and updates will be posted on the Forums section of the website. This also includes any tribe recruitment, dino trade, item trade, general discution, polls for future content, and all other random stuff. The link can be found at the top of the page or click Here

July 5, 2017

Server Maint

Today we will restart the server at about 9 PM (MT). This will improve system performance and install any Ark patches the server needs.

July 4, 2017

Server Event

Happy 4th of July. We have decided to spawn in some flare guns and sparklers for players that show up to Viking Bay around 6 PM (MT). We will be meeting up on the rock archway (idk how else to describe it) by the rex bones. PVP will not be allowed for member that are present for the event. Accidental killing will be taken into account and tribe member killing will also be taken into account. Admins will also spawn in Rockets with the firework skin but will not give this out to other players. Anything unused (admin rockets and launchers) will be dropped. The server might need to be restarted after the event to clear some of the active flares. Hope to see you there.

July 3, 2017

Server Update

In an attempt to get more dinos to spawn ( Quetzals, Giga's, ect ) we will be doing a wipe of all wild dinos at 10 PM (MT) on 7/3/2017. Before the wipe we will be saving the world in the event (It better not happen) where it deletes all dinos. It "shouldn't" but in the event it does we will roll the server back to the save. The worst part of it is there might be some server lag. Some people say 10 - 20 seconds however I feel it will be more like 2-4 minutes. We will restart the server if it is too bad.

June 27, 2017

Server Update

We finally restarted the sever today in order to apply the newest patch for Ark. We also changed a few settings in the game, one of which will allow any tribe member to imprint a baby dino. The rest of the changes are still being tested and tweaked. To prevent clutter I have tried enabling decay of buildings, however I need to change a setting to make this fully functional. The next restart "should" fix this. The last update was to make sure the Titanosaur does not respawn.



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