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Welcome Quantum Fury fleet members to our website.
Events will be posted as well on the site.

Wondering where the above background image comes from? That image is applied to the row. You can view the exact background image settings on the design pane. The 'scroll over' effect is changed when the width enters the tablets area. This is done because of limitited support for the fixed setting on iOS devices. Then two subgrids are used for the content on op the image. The first holds the navigation. The second the headers. The background for the first header is semi-transparant, adding to the effect. 

The navigation elements are positioned and repositioned with flexbox. It’s amazing what can be done with it! The flex settings for the parents are simple, just go to the design pane with the subgrid column selected to view them. The flex children are ordered using the flex orer property (on their ID). Pretty neat uh!?

There’s also a smaller navigation which is hidden (display: none) on large screens but used for smaller widths. Hope this help understand how this part of the theme has been constructed!

A meal at Atlas does not kick off with a spiel from the waiter about how each dish will come out of the kitchen when it’s ready and is meant to be shared. Nor is there an option of a five-, eight- or 14-course “chef’s tasting menu” that begins with an edible doodad served in a Chinese soup spoon. Instead, you will be greeted with a classic a la carte menu — appetizer, main, dessert — offering no embellishment beyond an irresistible bread service. (Another gougere? Oh, why not?) 

Fleet Rank Requirements


• Ensign: 15 Days & 20,000

• Lieutenant-Commander 30 Days & 100,000

• Commander 35 Days & 150,000

• Captian 45 Days & 200,000

• Rear Admiral

• Vice Admiral By Admirals Board Only - Special Appointment

• Admiral By Admirals Board only – Special Appointment

All members start here. - As a cadet you will have access to our various fleet channels and access to poll the information and knowledge of our membership. This is a time to become active with our members by running missions, working on fleet projects, and or just socializing with our members and leaders. The more active you are and the more you contribute the quicker and more likely you will earn your promotion in this short period of time.

This rank is rewarded to Cadets who have shown promise and their willingness to contribute to the fleet. - We hope by this stage we have impressed upon you enough to where you will want to stay with us. At this level you still will not have access to fleet stores, but you are well on your way to achieving your next rank. You have access to ALL our fleet events including some Ensign or higher only events.


At this level you earn the right to buy from our Fleet Vendors on the Fleet Starbase. - You will also be able to purchase fleet level starships at the shipyards. To achieve this rank you must be in the fleet for NO LESS THAN 35 days and you must have contributed 150,000 points in credit towards fleet projects and provisions. You will also have full access to attend ALL fleet level events and classes. For those inspiring to work into leadership within the fleet, being consistently active on Teamspeak, The Fleet Website, and active in Fleet Missions in game will become increasingly important to you.

Captain: (Rank 4)

At this level you have achieved a Leadership Role within our fleet. - This is a special level to members to achieve. Just because you meet the requirements to obtain this rank, DOES NOT mean you will automatically be given this rank. This rank requires the following :

• On stand by: You must attend and be active in at least 5 fleet events during the month.

• On stand by: You must recruit 10 new members during this rank level to be eligible for your next rank level increase.

This is our highest level of leadership that basic members can obtain before reaching our fleet level command.

• Train Captains on how to run events which are assigned by the fleet events admiral.

• Coordinate with the Fleet Events Admiral for event assignments.

• Recruit 10 new members since last rank increase before eligible for next rank consideration.

• Must be signed in on the Fleet Website, Teamspeak, and active on a daily basis.

• You are required to notify fleet command of any extended periods of absence.

• If no activity in 30 days with no notification you will LOSE 2 ranks and be demoted back to Lieutenant Commander without notice. You will not be given your rank back when you return, you will have to earn it back.

• If no fleet level activities in 20 days you will be reduced in rank to Lieutenant Commander with no notification. Again you will have to earn your rank back.

• If you are absent for extended periods of time without notification to the command board, you will be required to attend an admirals meeting to tell us why to be eligible to obtain a leadership role again.

All Admiral ranks are by appointment only.

The Beach Vibe

Come play

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